Online Keno Real Money at Black Lotus Casino

Online keno for real money was first created and played in China. Over the years the keno game was adapted for casino gambling and eventually branched out into Keno online casino.

As an online casino that provides a gambling night in Macau at your fingertips we love highlighting the Asian origin of this particular game and believe that Black Lotus Casino is the ultimate destination to play keno online.

So, what is Keno online? Essentially is a lottery game that you can play on demand and not only on specific days. You pick a combination of numbers and win real money based on that combination. Black Lotus is the casino to play your best Keno game online – choose from 4 Keno variations in our games lobby.

Get to Know Online Keno

We have 4 variations to choose from, these are Captain Keno, Keno, PowerBall Keno and Superkeno. While there are distinction differences in all 4 games, all online Keno for real money will feature the following elements:

  1.  Keno card – the online Keno card is basically a large grid with numbers 1-80 on it; resembling a giant lottery ticket.
  2. Paytable – this feature is standard on most online games, it helps you understand how much you will win with various combinations.
  3. Quick pick – another feature that you will find on slots, instead of selecting the numbers you can hit quick pick and the system will randomly select numbers for you – similar to a lotto quick pick.
Online Keno balls with casino gold coins

How to Play Online Keno

Ready to try out online Keno at Black Lotus Casino but not sure how to play? No worries, here is an easy 5 step guide on how to play online Keno:

Step 1 – Select a Keno game from our games lobby

Step 2 – Select your numbers, from 1 – 20. While there are 80 numbers you can’t select all of them.

Step 3 – Determine how much you want to wager per Keno draw; remember you can adjust your wager as you play.

Step 4 – Choose how many rounds you would like to play.

Step 5 – Now you’re playing! Wait to see what numbers were drawn and how many you hit, you will win based on the numbers you’ve hit.

Best Online Keno Real Money Rules and Tips

Like all casino games at Black Lotus, Keno is also a game of chance but you can make the most out of your Keno game by following the rules and common tips. Increase your Keno odd with these

  1. Always read the paytable before you play keno online.
  2. Utilize any Keno bonuses available to boost your bankroll.
  3. Play a balanced set of numbers, mix the high numbers with the low numbers.

Now that you know a smidge more about Keno online casino games, we reckon it’s about time you started playing!

Online Keno FAQs

Can I play keno online for real money?

Keno online is the solution to a request for an all day – every day lottery, so why would you play it in free play mode? Enjoy the excitement and anticipation when you play keno online for real money at Black Lotus Casino! Not sure how to play keno online for real money? We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you.

Do any online casinos have keno games?

Any online casino worth their salt should have a substantial selection of Keno games for you to play in free play and real money modes. At Black Lotus Casino you can choose from four popular keno games. These include Super Keno, Classic Keno, Powerball Keno, Captain Keno.

Can you play online keno for real money in the USA?

Online keno for real money is a substitute for playing the lottery. In the USA and at the time of writing, the lottery market is worth $27.9 billion; with 48 jurisdictions running a lottery. The high demand means that on days when there isn’t a lottery draw you can play online keno for real money at a reputable online casino. At Black Lotus Casino, there is an online keno real money draw anytime an online keno for real money game is played!

Is it possible to play real money keno on my phone?

Undeniably so! Play real money keno on your phone via your browser or download the Black Lotus Casino Android app. The winning potential or quality of real money keno does not vary from site to android platform. In fact, for players on the go the option to play real money keno on your mobile is more beneficial than playing on the desktop.

Can you win money playing keno online?

To win money while playing keno online is the goal! Yes, you can win money. Playing keno online is like playing the lottery when you want – anytime or day. To win money, you need to opt for playing keno online for real money and not free play. Then, choose your lucky numbers, wait for the draw and if the drawn numbers match your chosen numbers – you WIN MONEY!